Body trucks, dog trailers, semi-tippers

Haulage fleet overview

With a selection of body and quad dog combinations, B-double combinations and earthmoving equipment, we endeavour to provide our clients with reliable service through quality machinery and experienced operators.

Our newer fleet of truck and dogs are PBS accredited, carrying extra weight on qualified routes, reducing our clients' haulage costs on a per tonne basis. 

These trucks are also fitted with on-board digital scales giving our clients peace of mind in applications where no weighbridge or scales on loading equipment is available. 

  • Truck and Quad dog tipper combinations with Mass Management and PBS accreditation. Payload of 39 tonnes on average. 
  • Truck and Quad Dog tipper combinations with payload of 32 tonnes
  • 19m B-double tipper combinations - Payload of 37 tonnes.
  • Quad axel float with rear steer axel
  • Semi water tanker (30,000L)
  • Semi Side Tippers and road train combination
  • Small tippers - Up to 5 tonne payload
  • Body truck tippers - Up to 12 tonne payload
  • Flat bed truck with all terrain forklift - Up to 9 tonne payload


Earthmoving fleet


  • Articulated dump trucks (Moxy) - 40t 
  • Wheel loaders - 6-7 tonne buckets
  • 28t Excavator
  • 25t Excavator - zero swing with blade
  • 8t Excavator - zero swing with blade 
  • Caterpillar Grader - 14ft blade


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