Tilt panel fences and retaining walls

Prefab concrete panel retaining wall systems

Tyrenwhit concrete retaining wall systems are an efficient, fast, cost saving alternative to the current retention systems of block and sandstone walls that are utilised today.

After extensive consultation with engineering firm Covey and Associates a modular system that is compliant with all building codes, along with a range of soil types, has been developed. Engineering documentation and certification can be provided.

We can minimise costs by supplying our own decorative stone and sand sourced from our quarries and sand plant and batched at a concrete plant right next door to our manufacturing operations in Gympie.

Using the latest panelware from RamsetReid, our tilt panels are produced at 100mm to 150mm thick and finished with an exposed stone surface in the client’s choice of coloured stone and pigmented coloured concrete.

We can design, construct and install an aesthetically favourable product that is cost-effective, strong and durable. Electrical conduits and lighting can be installed at our client's instructions and specifications, if and where required.  

Advantages of using our tilt panel retaining wall system

  • We utilise stainless ferrules on the top side of the panels that can be used immediate erection of fencing and or retaining purposes to meet safety requirements.
  • The estimated cost $350 - $550 per m2 installed for a standard wall is competitive with current costs for retaining using the traditional methods. Time to erect is reduced being prefab as is the environmental impact. Finished products are transported to site, ready for installation.
  • The minimal width of as small as 100mm means that there is less space used for retaining and hence more land area for developers giving them optimal land usage for sales.
  • The flexibility of either supplying pre-fabricated panels from our factory direct to site with our earthmoving arm having the site prepared for rapid installation into our gal dipped I beams, or if required, where room allows, panels can be produced on site to gain further cost savings.
  • Non-slip stairways and other features can be pre-cast and added to enhance the aesthetic look where required.
  • Tyrenwhit can liaise with clients and their engineering consultants to tailor make panels using the minimal amount of steel reinforcing required to meet Australian Standards and produce a durable strong product at the most efficient price.
  • Our experienced team of managers, supervisors and operators can deliver, install and complete projects safely and on time allowing developers to capitalise on their investment sooner and selling land easier, leaving a strong, unique, good looking landscape long after we are finished.             


The finish and appearance is superior ascetically to Rock, Block, Timber and insitu concrete systems. The architectural market is spoiled for choice when it comes to the selection of aggregate that can be used in precast. The use of pigments in concrete enables architects and builders to emphasize the character, enhance the form, complement the natural hues of the landscape, and add life and value to a project. graphic concrete™ is a patented precast concrete technology which allows for textures, raster patterns, repeated patterns, written text, or even sharp images to be "etched" into the face of precast concrete elements. We use a variety of textures, patterns and effects to produce stunning surfaces".


Precast concrete is a highly versatile product available in vast range of different sizes, shapes and finishes. Precast products are used in a variety of applications, including buildings, civil construction and landscaping. The system allows for the inclusion of Stairs, Footpaths, Footbridges , Capping and other form of concrete construction.                             


Concrete is by far the most durable material for this application. By building with individual concrete members minimises the chance of cracking. The durable concrete composition never rots. This means it provides a quality finish that looks great and lasts a lifetime.                                            


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